Under contruction

Bauma de les Deveses

In 2015 Joan Rubió, Carles Flaquer and Imma Espel we have started this adventure. The three of us imagined a vineyard in the small abandoned terraces of the area known as Les Deveses, in a small village called Sant Julià de Cerdanyola, located in the north part of Barcelona province in Catalonia. With this idea in mind we began to rebuild the dry stone walls, prepare the land and plant the vineyard.

Since then the vineyards have been growing and changing following the rhythm of the seasons and always under the watchful eye of wildlife such as the short-toed eagle, the mountain bunting and the chamois among many others.

Les Deveses are an oak forest, a Mediterranean rarity in the area, with calcareous meadows and aromatic plants that accompany the vines and that we have also included in our project by planting more species of aromatic and medicinal plants in the communal gardens of the town.

Thus, vineyards and aromatic plants combine and expand their colours and scents and change a forest landscape into agro-forestry, where year after year we gain biodiversity: more butterflies that come to the flowers, more birds that seek open spaces, more reptiles that find house in dry stone walls, etc.